Research Education

In modern education, where knowledge is easily accessed through internet, online library etc, it is crucial that young students involved themselves into research education, which means, doing research in the field they are interested in, such as physics, psychology, literature etc.

Research Education not only pave the way for academic growth but also deepen the student’s interest in the specific subject. At this stage, student aren’t targeting higher grades, which obviously becomes easy as they understand the concept easily, but they seek advance theoretical and practical knowledge. In many such cases, teachers and parents don’t require to push students to study hard as students are intrinsically motivated towards capturing the academic knowledge.

There are many professors who would accept highly motivated and academically advanced students to guide them into deeper research projects. Having discussions with some professors who have keen interest in Climate Chance, I learned that young students can play a pivotal role in these projects and work under supervision of distinguish experts from top universities.

Research Education allows students to apply top universities (surely with target IELTS/TOEFL and GPA or subject exams) and continue their research during their undergraduate studies. While they are studying, they can gain more experience from academic advancement in university and also with support of professors. It could be possible that students finish their research while they are in undergraduate and they can publish their work.